Executive Committee

Executive Committee

  • Serve as liaison to elected officials
  • Link with other community boards
  • Coordinate agendas of other committees
  • Develop a committee/board dispute resolution policy
  • Has decision-making capacity between NCI Works meetings
  • Review and revise bylaws periodically
  • Oversee the development of the four-year local plan; review to assure alignment of Core Partner Programs; and recommend modifications as needed.
  • Determine local labor market needs
  • Propose new initiatives to meet local needs
  • Membership will consist of the board officers and committee chairs
  • Recommend an annual Northwest Central Illinois Works budget
  • Explore new funding streams and options, include fee-for-service options
  • Responsible for reviewing one-stop operator proposals and recommending their choice to the full board

Decision of the Executive Committee will be ratified by Northwest Central Illinois Works at their next regularly scheduled meeting.


Patty Head, Co-Cair
Vanessa Hoffeditz
Cary Robbins, Co-Chair
John Spencer, Secretary
Teresa Strum
Gerald Waszkowiak
DeAnne White

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